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Vocal Anatomy Tips

Posted by on February 23, 2020 at 12:00 AM

A child’s voice is anatomically different than an adult's voice. Children’s vocal chords are shorter so they physically cannot create the same volume or range an adult can. Their lung volumes are also smaller, and so are their larynges. There are restrictions, especially in range. It also means that “adult voice qualities” are not that readily available to them, and that their voices will grow wearier.

There are always exceptions as well.

Age 6 is recommended as the youngest age for voice lessons.



-Be sure you keep your vocal folds moist and well lubricated. You can do this by drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day.

- Keep tea and coffee consumption to a minimum though, as the caffeine in these drinks dries out the vocal folds and can make the voice sound raspy and scratchy. Alcohol is also bad for the voice, as it dehydrates the body and therefore the vocal folds. Also avoid citric acids before your lesson.

- Before singing make sure to go through breath techniques, warmups, and vocal exercises. Also take note of how you are sitting or standing and posture.

- Before a performance, make sure you had enough time to practice as well as perform in front of close friends and families for support and performance practice.

- To nurse your voice through acold or a throat infection,steam it and drink lots of water. If diagnosed with laryngitis DO NOT SING (nor whisper). WHEN YOU ARE SICK PLEASE ALWAYS VISIT A DOCTOR FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.

- Look after your voice. Don't strain it. Eliminate background noise before you try to speak loudly over it. If you have to project your voice, always use breath support.

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