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Creating A 2D Piano Keyboard

Posted on March 18, 2020 at 4:05 PM


This fun project for my students or kids learning music is not only to practice but also to create and understand the structure and patterns of the keyboard. This will also enable the beginner student to comprehend different hand positions. If there is enough time I allow my students to be as creative as possible. We are creating a 2D keyboard.


There are 88 keys on a given piano but for the young beginner an octave or two octaves will be a great start.


What You Will Need: 

Construction Paper


Crayons/Markers/Glitter Glue


What to Do: 

Ask your student or child to look identify the patterns and structure of the keys. Add the long white labels to the construction paper to create the main white keybed.

Using scissors, cut the labels in half to add the black keys patterns. There are 2 black keys and then 3 black keys. Assist and make sure your student or child is adding the black keys in the correct areas. Color the keys either black or any color of their choice.

Add either glitter glue or markers around the keys. This can help distinguish the keys.

Write the musical alphabetical pattern on the keys or any key position.

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