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How to Make a Practice Jar

Posted by on April 26, 2020 at 4:20 AM

Create Your Own Homemade Practice Jar 

Materials Needed:

Reuse any plastic jar (for kids) with lid

Crayons, markers, stickers

Your Favorite Construction Color paper




Printable Practice Jar Strips



1. Cut the amount of construction paper that you would like to wrap around your bottle - and Decorate if you wish!

2. Tape the decorated construction paper around your jar.

3. Print Practice Jar Strips from your email!

4. Write out songs, your music repertoire, OR goals that needs to be practiced everyday!

5. With scissors cut along dotted lines into strips! Tie all strips with a rubberband to save for following practice days!

6. Each day you practice - you can fold and drop a practice strip into the jar. OR fold all of them and drop them into the box... and every time you practice - take the strip out of the jar. Get creative!

Happy Practice!

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