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September Music Teacher Interview

Posted by on September 7, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Meet Jayne!!!

How long have you been teaching music?

 Jayne:  I have been teaching music for twenty-eight years. I teach piano, voice and music theory.



What inspired you to teach music?

 Jayne: My enthusiasm, understanding and love for music and desire to share and connect with students of all ages. Inspiring an individual to reach goals and learn of their own abilities is why I became a music teacher.



What is your favorite instrument?

 Jayne: The piano is my favorite but I love the voice, the guitar and the flute.


Any musical tips for teachers?

 Jayne: Get to know your student. Find out their favorite artists and composers. Go slowly and teach simple concepts to gain their trust. Be pleasant but firm. Praise your student when they achieve their goals. When correcting your student be gentle. Pace your lesson time wisely. Do not teach a new concept at the end of a lesson without enough time to explain. If your student asks to show you something at the end of a lesson allow them to. If you don’t have time, make the extra time. A student can be sensitive and feel rejected if you tell them that you don’t have time. My motto is, “The teacher is everything."


 Any advice for parents?

Jayne: Depending on their age and proficiency monitor their practice day and times. For young pupils I had an incentive program which rewarded students with music gifts for their practice and performances.



 Talk about a memorable teaching experience.

 Jayne: I had a charming ten-year old, gifted piano student. One day, at the end of a lesson, she handed me her lyrics about growing out of childhood and into a more mature child. Her lyrics were excellent. At the end of my teaching day I composed a song which was performed in our recital and at my songwriter showcase. The song was sung by my student, my daughter and I chimed in for three-part harmony in the chorus. She wrote me an email telling me that I was more than a music teacher, I was her friend. Her father wanted her to take private classes at Juilliard in NYC but she asked to stay with me and she wrote and sang her own songs after I taught her basic chords.


 What methods or music books do you use to teach?

Jayne: I’ve used John Thompson for the earliest beginner, Faber & Faber is excellent with their broad scope of books, A Dozen A Day technical exercises.

 Why is music so important to you?

Jayne: Music is a language in vibratory tones which communicates emotion. Listening or performing music can soothe another’s sorrow or encourage a person to reach their goals. As I am also a composer, music is a part of my daily life. Music is my medicine and a way to connect with all people. Music is a blessing.


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