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November Music Teacher Interview

Posted by on November 2, 2020 at 7:45 AM

Meet Jessica!

How long have you been teaching music?

Jessica: I have been teaching music for a total of 10 years now.

What inspired you to teach music?

Jessica: One of my music teachers (Patricio Batallas) inspired me to teach music to improve myself as a musician and as an overall human being.

What is your favorite instrument?

Jessica: The Piano

Any musical tips for teachers?

Jessica: Students need to know and be reassured that it is okay to not be good. The reason they are taking lessons is to become better and they don't need to feel ashamed of that.

Any advice for parents?

Jessica: Every parent is different but from what I have seen, modeling by example seems to work best. If you want a certain result from your child, then practicing it yourself is the best way to achieve it. Or atleast showing discipline overall will inspire kids to do the same.

Talk about a memorable teaching experience.

Jessica: A memorable teaching experience: every teaching experience has taught me something I can't forget, even negative ones. But the most important thing is that I find that everytime patience, love and no-judgement is shown to a student, they show more progress.

What methods or music books do you use to teach?

Jessica: method books: it depends on the student but I tend to use Faber's piano Adventures, john thompson, edna mae burnam's a dozen a day, and a couple others

Why is music so important to you?

Jessica: My grandfather and Father are both successful musicians and I always wanted to continue this family calling.

Who was your favorite music teacher and why?

Jessica: I learned something special from every single music teacher I have ever had. My favorite piano teachers were Ecuadorian musician and teacher Patricio Batallas because more than teaching me, he inspired me and French musician and teacher Sebastien Cornut because I really understood piano pedagogy directly from the approach he took in teaching me.

What was your favorite piece/song to teach and why?

Jessica: My favorite piece to teach was Bach's Minuet in G, because it is simple yet it reflects the baroque era in such a sophisticated way. It is a delightful piece.

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