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The Eras The Classical Story

The Eras The Classical Story is an innovative and interactive book that empowers children with the understanding of practice. This is a children’s historical book that introduces music, art, and literature during the Classical Period. Classical history was the next time period after The Baroque Story. Student Isabella finds The Classical Story book her teacher left behind. She then reads it to her siblings and friend. Children are introduced to three classical musical composers during that time. She reads that through their dedication, the composers wrote over hundreds of classical pieces that are still played today. This piece also includes Georgraphy. This piece brings out artists such as Mengs, Ingres, David, and Canova, who also contributed so much of their art through practice. This manuscript may appeal to children who show an interest in the fine arts. There is also a coloring section to enhance learning. This is a great piece for children taking extracurricular activities such as music and art.

The Eras the Classical Story
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About The Eras: The Classical Story

The Eras: The Classical Story is a solo project created by Gisel Costa. The pictures and videos on this book and app are painted and assembled by Gisel A Costa.

For historical background she relied on various sources, including Wikipedia. She has done some effort by verifying sources to avoid historical errors. If you find a relevant mistake, please let her know - more info in Contact Section.
While she does provide concise relevant information, she has tried to make a visual experience, with pictures and videos for both book and app.