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Jayne C.

"Extraordiinary book by author and illustrator Gisel A Costa. Gisel enthusiastically celebrates the Baroque Era's musicians painters and writers through her storytelling and art. She allows the reader and student to step into a world where creativity and discipline is fostered. I was impressed with the repetitive theme of "and they practiced everyday." Her labor of love touched my soul which is why I am endorsing her book to music teachers and music lovers. There is an app as well. Bravo.."

Carmen A.

Percussionist & Instructor
This book is the product of years in the making. Gisel Costa places her passion, her knowledge, her creativity and her love of teaching in a work that inspires children. (And adults alike) To strive in a creative life journey is a gift and this book interprets that super well. Please do yourselves a great good by adding this to your libraries. (Or start one with it)

Edwin L.

Pianist & Instructor
This book is amazing. I was reviewing it to see how helpful it is, and I enjoyed it. This is beyond useful for my younger students ages 4 and up. I even tried to use this book for one student with special needs, and he's enjoying it. I strongly recommend this book.

Ms. Gisel is great and very patient. Also, very professional, she will make sure you understand what you're doing and challenge you to become better.

Shierly L. - Gisel's Piano & Guitar Student

This is a great book, my 5 year old loved the story and explanation making learning a fun activity. Very well illustrated and we definitely recommend this book by Gisel Costa to young learners !!

Krutti - Parent of Gisel's Student